Dr. Ulrich Riedel, Consultant - Focused simplification brings the gold vein to light
Dr. Ulrich Riedel, Consultant - Focused simplification brings the gold vein to light

Simplification of Strategy – Ensuring Execution

You have a daring strategy or initiative. Let me help you to ensure full-value execution.
This sounds easy. It isn’t. Most strategies fail to fully materialize. I will help you to be different. Your strategy or major change initiative will deliver. How? I will dive deeply into your organization to listen, learn and understand. I will bring back to you what really, truly matters: the ‘Gold Veins’ of your strategy. And, more importantly, I will tell you how to realize them – to generate tens of millions more value. Learn more here.

Why me? Well, to be frank, I have a talent for it. Plus the ethics and the passion.
I don’t know why I have this talent. Sure, 20 years of accomplishments as senior manager in industry (and management consulting) helps. Always driven by creating value for the company and the people involved. So does the fact that I’m trained as scientist, engineer and business economist, with a passion to optimize cross-boundaries. The rest is just undeserved talent. After a few weeks of diving deeply into a strategy, I simply see the 1 or 2 (rarely 3) aspects that will make all the difference: the Gold Veins. And my strong sense for the psyche of an organization enables me to understand what needs to happen to implement the Gold Veins: simplify them, for a super-pragmatic full-value implementation, supported by effective (self-)enforcement at all required levels. Learn more here.

Why you? You are a strong independent open-minded senior leader.
You are most likely from B2B industries like Specialty Chemicals, Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Construction Materials or Automotive. Probably in Switzerland, too. You are focused on delivering value, and appreciate clear and sometimes blunt language. You will always hear from me what I believe is the plain truth – no sugar coating, no politics, no tactics. So you may need some sense of humor…
You won’t hear French from me I’m afraid, as I only speak German and English.