Dr. Ulrich Riedel, Consultant - Strategy without flawless execution is leaving gold veins untapped.
Dr. Ulrich Riedel, Consultant - Strategy without flawless execution is leaving gold veins untapped.

Making your strategy implementable: identifying the ‘Gold Veins’ and the ‘How’

Most strategies fail to fully deliver. I will make much of that risk disappear for you.
You have a daring new strategy? Or major change initiative? It is a really good one? Well, that’s great! But we all know that the likelihood of fully satisfactory implementation is well below 50%. If you want to get that to way above 50%, you will want to work with me.

A creative journey to absorb all aspects of your strategy and your organization.
I will dive deep into your organization. During in-depth, frank and confidential discussions with 30 to 80 of your colleagues throughout your organization, I will absorb what they say (and don’t say). A lunch meeting each day. Sometimes a beer with someone in the evening. I will plough through all your strategy documents and beyond. And I will deepen my understanding in your leadership and other standard meetings.

The result? Obvious stuff – and tens or even hundreds of millions more value.
After four, six, ten weeks (whatever it takes), I will sit down with you and share my observations and conclusions: the Gold Veins, and how to simplify them, and how to best execute them. I have done this several times. The outcome is always surprising at first. But, in retrospect, it will be kind of obvious – which is perfect, as implementing the ‘obvious’ has much better odds of success. I will be crystal clear on what is ‘also important’ and what are the 1 or 2 (rarely 3) ‘Gold Veins’. I will highlight two or three key aspects of how you should simplify and implement each Gold Vein, in a super-pragmatic way. And, of course, you will see additional value creation in the tens and sometimes hundreds of millions from your strategy or initiative, as direct result from the enhanced implementation.

You only reward me if you see value created.
Of course you take a risk when you engage me – after all, I will be hanging around for weeks embedded in your team. But you won’t be taking a financial risk, as you only reward me if you have seen the value created. We will agree upfront on how you will do that. But it is you who will ultimately decide. I love to create value – and lots of it – wherever I am, and I only want to be rewarded if I deliver. It is as simple as that, no hidden agenda.